Pony and Pumpkin Festival

Mission To provide a fun community event & assist non-profits with an opportunity to expand their reach, increase membership & assist them financially. A percentage of all proceeds will be going to the following 4 non-profits (Lions Club, National Forest Foundation, Tahoe Youth and Family Services and Pony Express Territory Nevada). This is also an opportunity to give local food growers and producers an effective site to provide consumers with a source for local, fresh produce and products.  

 Sponsorship: Forest Suites and Pony Express NV 



Pony and Pumpkin Festival Vendor Contract and Application

Mission: To provide fun Community event.  Offer a venue for non-profit groups to increase membership and raise money.  Also give local food growers and producers an effective site and to provide consumers with a source for local, fresh produce and products.  Sponsorship: Forest Suites and National Pony Express Association, Nevada Division

Location: 1 Lake Parkway South Lake Tahoe CA 96150 (Behind Marriott and Heavenly Village)

Time: 11 am until 6 pm October 11, 2014


Farm / Business Name: _________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code: ___________________________________________________________

Phone Number(s): _____________________________________________________________


Is the best way to contact you by (circle one): phone   e-mail    either

Please list the products you wish to sell: (ex. vegetables, fruit, eggs, bread, flower bouquets)



• Space ($50 )Paved Covered Carport 10’ X 15’ Electricity provided. (power strip and/or extension cord $20 must reserve)

Checks may be made out to “Pony Express NV”

Guidelines and Rules for Participation Each vendor’s application for a permit to sell shall state what is grown/ produced/made by the vendor, and what products the vendor intends to sell at the Festival. All processed foods must have the proper permits and must carry product liability insurances. Copies of proof of insurance must be provided to festival manager. Stall assignments are made by festival manager based on the following criteria: Available space, number of spaces needed, vendor performance. • Booth size is 12’ wide by 12’ deep (length of parking space). Additional stall space may be purchased. Vendors are also guaranteed a spot, and are to give the festival manager one day’s notice (24 hours) to aid in stall placement. . An application must be submitted to the manager AND APPROVED prior to festival day for participation. The Festival Manager holds the exclusive right to make exceptions to participation criteria, and will do so in the best interest of all participants of the festival. Refunds Vendors who cannot attend on Festival Day must contact the festival manager 48 hours prior to be considered for refund. Hours of the festival are 11:00 am to 6:00 p.m. Vendor set up time begins at 8 am (and not prior). Vendors must vacate the site by 7:00pm Sunday. Please leave ample time for set up, especially considering weather variances and the occasional need to vendor layout. This helps everyone to be more successful for festival time. Thank you.

Vehicles All vendors must be set up and ready to sell by start time. Additionally, vendors are asked to park their vehicles out of the customer parking area to maximize customer spots. There is street parking available in several locations. Vendors are required to stay until closing. Vendors who sell out early must keep their stall set up and post a sign letting customers know they have sold-out. Vendors who attempt to leave before the close of the festival will be issued a verbal warning.

Cleanup Vendors are required to clean up after themselves and to provide receptacles for garbage from consumers. Vendor space must be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary manner. Vendors are responsible for taking with you any trash or garbage that is generated in or around your booth and sweeping up any product debris left on the ground. Farmers are not permitted to dispose of produce waste, overripe or leftover produce or boxes in any onsite garbage cans or dumpsters. Vendors who do not clean up at the end of the Festival may receive a $25 fine.

Signage All vendors will post a sign identifying the name of the farm/business represented and where it is located. Signs should not be smaller that 24-inches by 8-inches high. All goods for sale should be clearly marked with their prices. This can be done individually or on a larger sign that is clearly readable. This is a critical component of providing a reputable farmers festival, allowing customers to refer to growers and businesses by name. Please have ample signage to allow the community to know you.

Space The vendor sales area must not extend beyond the allotted boundaries of the stall space. Avoid blocking neighboring stalls with large signs etc. Pricing of goods sold at the Festival is solely the responsibility of the individual vendor. Vendors are not allowed to give produce away for free or at below-cost pricing, thus undercutting potential sales of other vendors. Vendors are expected to bring good quality produce to festival. Vendors are responsible for the safety of their food and cannot sell adulterated food.

Pets & Children No pets will be allowed in the vendor’s selling area. The only exception will be seeing-eye dogs, dogs for the hearing impaired or other disability guide dogs. Vendors must monitor and supervise their children at all times during Festival day.

Courtesy/Conduct Vendors and their representatives are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful, safe and courteous and harmonious manner with customers, festival staff and each other. Any language or behavior that jeopardizes the normal operations of the Festival will be grounds for termination of the vendor’s permit to sell. Complaints of any kind should be written up and given to the festival manager/staff. Customer complaints about individual vendors will be discussed with the vendor.. Customers who have a legitimate complaint about the produce they purchase should be given a full monetary refund or replacement of equal value. It is the festival’s policy to satisfy the customer. Complaints that seem unfounded or excessive may need to be mediated by festival manager. Vendors are required to wear “shirts/shoes” at their booths during festival hours. No Smoking/drinking Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the Festival sites at any time.

Taxes Retail sales taxes  are the responsibility of the individual vendor.

Permits, licenses and insurance All vendors shall provide at the time of application current copies of any permits, insurance and licenses applicable to the sale of their products. All prepared foods and baked goods vendors must have a current County Health Department Food Worker Cards and applicable operating permits and keep a copy of these permits at their festival stall at all times.